East River Amateur Radio Club - W8MOP




Membership list current as of 2024-July-20  
Any changes needed should be submitted to Berlon Roberts, W8ZBR - W8ZBR.Berlon@gmail.com - 304.910.6333

Membership List

HamClubOnline Interactive tools, membership application, online dues processing, and a current memebership list can be found at:  https://hamclubonline.com 
The ERARC recommends all members join Ham Club Online for access to club news, events, alerts, and much more.  It's free! To register, search for the club's call:  W8MOP


Club Officers
Matt Morris, KC8LGS President
David Sexton, AB8D Vice President
Jay Belt, K8CTI Treasurer
George (Hooger) Fisher III, W4OF Secretary

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