East River Amateur Radio Club - W8MOP




ARRL amateur radio exams are regularly given on a quarterly basis (Feb. May Aug. Nov.) by the ERARC VE team which is headed by Keith Jennings, AD8L of Bluefield, WV. Exams are on the second Saturday at 9:AM at our headquarters:  704 Bland St. Room 523 Bluefield, WV.


NOTE: The FCC now requires that ALL persons coming to a test session MUST have an FRN number before they can be tested, effective October 20, 2020. One can go to https://www.fcc.gov/rofrn and click on FRN number registration to get their number.  There is no charge for this and it only takes a few minutes. One must set up a password and answer a few quick questions. The FCC is doing this because they are no longer going to use a person's Social Security Number for ID purposes. When testing, A COPY of your Amateur license and/or CSCE (if applicable) is a MUST, and a photo identification is also a MUST. PLEASE bring exact change for the $15 fee. We usually run out of change d/t most people bringing 20 dollar bills.  $15 CASH or CHECK, NO PLASTIC please.


If coming to test for a Technician license, please bring a picture ID (driver's license works fine), and $15.00 cash, correct change please.  If you are coming to upgrade your license, you'll need the same 2 items, plus a copy (not the original) of your current license. Testing will begin as close to 9 am as possible.   Parking is beside the building in a fenced in area or across the street (not part of our complex).


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